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Cork Sound Control

Many of our mid to high rise residential condominiums in southwest Florida require sound control when installing hard surface flooring. Hard surface includes ceramic tile, stone, hardwood, and laminate flooring.
Engineered Hardwoods & Condominiums
Important Tips To Avoid Installation Failures
Solid Hardwoods & Cork Underlayment

Cork underlayment has always been the choice. Inexpensive, cork delivers the control that eliminates sounds from adjacent or above neighbors.

Engineered Hardwoods & Condominiums

For hardwood floor installations there are several methods. Most often engineered hardwoods are chosen for condo installations, but that doesn't rule out 3/4" solid hardwood with plywood subfloors with proper planning.

Important Tips To Avoid Installation Failures

When using engineered hardwoods and cork it is vital to use the same adhesive for the work as with the actual hardwood. Failure  to do so will cause the underlayment to come unattached from the subfloor. Why? Today's urethane adhesives used for gluing down hardwood are much stronger than the more common latex adhesives that were used in the past for cork underlayment installation.

A successful install requires different adhesive applications. Unfortunately many less experienced carpet/vinyl store installers out there aren't familiar with the methods. Do they actually own the correct trowel for this type of work? Our experience tells us no. What happens if they do not follow the correct trowel  recommendation? Over time you may begin to hear crunchy sounds as the cork releases from the subfloor.

Unlike vinyl floor installations, more common 1/4 inch thick cork requires a deeper notched trowel in the range of 1/8" x 1/8" x 1/8" When used correctly the yield should be approximately 80 square feet per gallon of adhesive.

Good procedures do not stop there. Once the cork is laid into the adhesive, bond transferring to the subfloor must be accomplished. The use of a 100 pound roller not only insures a good bond, but pushes out any air bubbles that may be under the cork.

For any type of cork sound deadening application it is  recommended the actual final floor installation not take place for at least 18 hours, allowing time for proper bonding




Cork Underlayment Glued
Gluing Engineered Hardwood Over Cork
Another Vital Tool. The Roller
Cork Free Floated With Plywood


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