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Are We Ready For Hardwood Floors?

The local handyman has finished painting the outside of your house and finds time to sit and chat. He notices you are leafing through flooring brochures and the discussion turns into hardwood flooring.

Your eyes are bulging after awhile when the discussion becomes  more into look how much money I can save by using the handyman for the floor installation.

Think Twice...and More!

Let's see if the handyman can answer these basic questions about hardwood floors.

Have all other work completed first
Floor Preparation. What's that?
We can start tomorrow
It doesn't matter
Moisture testing? I don't see any leaks
Manufacturer specifications?

Have All Other Work Completed First

If you're planning on having other work done in the home, especially in the work area where the floors will go, please have it completed before the hardwood flooring. The drywall mud picture (right) is a classic example of how many other contractors don't care.

We had racked out most of an area that was to be nailed the next day. Low and behold a sloppy drywall dude comes in when we're not there creating a nightmarish mess that took us a few hours to clean up.

Another example of poor scheduling is the drywall mud bucket  picture on the right. Different job but similar mentality of some builders. They actually wanted the floor installed in that room that day! Folks keep on top of your builders if possible. Too many care about one thing only, getting the job done.

Hardwood flooring work should be done after the completion of all other major work. Far too many times we've seen poor scheduling that inevitably results in damage to brand new floors.

Floor Preparation. What's That?

The handyman will probably say "broom swept concrete," while the experienced hardwood guy recommends work on the subfloor because it isn't flat. Mr. Handyman isn't charging me anything for floor preparation but the hardwood guy wants $ 400.00! Thoughts enter your mind. For that kind of money I can play two rounds of golf at Pelicans Nest and have dinner for four at Outback Steakhouse.

We Can Start Tomorrow

You have guests coming for two weeks and the mad rush is on to get your condominium in tip top shape, but the hardwood guy can't start the job for three weeks. The handyman suggests starting the day you buy the hardwood while the hardwood guy says the job has to acclimate.

It Doesn't Matter

You're torn between which job to do first. On one hand you want to get the hardwood floor floor done first and the travertine kitchen can be done later. You figure living without a kitchen floor will be okay because you'll be checking out all the cool restaurants at Coconut Point while Bob and Mary are visiting.

Both the hardwood guy and the tile man insist the travertine be done first and the handyman says it doesn't matter. What he fails to realize is what happens if the new floor gets wet. Tile and stone setters use an enormous amount of water during their work which is unfriendly for hardwood floors.

Moisture Testing? I Don't See any Leaks

The handyman says the job is ready and there are no apparent leaks in the concrete and everything is dry.

Manufacturer Recommendations/Specifications?

Mr. Handyman is sipping a cup of coffee reading the News Press sports page while you ask. "How do we take care of our floors when you're done?" Often misinformed people will say Murphy's Oil Soap is best for hardwood floors.

On the other hand the hardwood guy says," let's see what the manufacturer recommends.




Drywall Mud
Crazy Builders. This Job Was Ready To Go!
Floor Preparation





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