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It all started with ceramic tile, lot's of it. Our showroom had been used by a kitchen cabinet company in the past who preferred tile. Time for it to go! Not an easy task by any means. A quick visit to the local labor pool off the Beach Road and we arranged for three laborers that took three solid days to remove the tile and thinset mortar.

Dust and more dust! Folks, if you're looking for a new hardwood floor but have tile in the way, our preference is removing and starting from new. Many prefer a less costly and faster floating floor installation over ceramic tile. Our method eliminates  problems that are often associated with transitions from one floor covering to another. Sure, removing the old tile is labor intensive and messy, but you'll find a more agreeable final appearance by doing so.

For a better understanding let's assume you have carpet that connects to the existing tile. Better quality floating hardwood floors are over 1/2" in thickness. Add the underlayment and the overall finished height increases by approximately 5/8". Hardwood manufacturers do not make a suitable molding/transition that works in this scenario.

Often inappropriate methods are used which create unsightly transitions that can become uncomfortable toe stubbers. There are ways to make it work. However we've found many don't bother spending the time to do so. We chose the Owens unfinished engineered plank for our showroom. The product is ideal for installation on concrete using the gluedown method. By following our showroom link you'll get a much better idea of why we chose the product.

What a better touch than to have a custom hardwood floor medallion inserted into the main entry way (images right). Yes, custom made hardwood medallions are available at very reasonable prices. The one shown in our showroom measuring 42" x 32" required approximately $150.00 in design time and typically retails for $ 1,400 depending on the design itself. Shop somewhere else and expect prices to be double ours.

Finding the right people for finishing hardwood floors in Florida can be a daunting task. An art that has almost been lost as wannabe's are always trying to break into the market.

More important than the actual finishing process is the preparation. Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum more, you won't find nary a flaw in our showroom floor. It's a shame most of it gets covered up with display racks, but if you're in the area please stop by and see the beauty of this select grade white oak floor.



























Removing Ceramic Tile
Floor Preparation
Installing The Floor
Routing Out The Medallion Design
Installing Custom Made Medallion
Sanding Everything Smooth
Edge Sanding
Applying Bona Dri Fast Sealer Coat



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