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Warranties - Everyone's Peace of Mind may sound like an internet company but it's just our name. We have a physical presence in Bonita Springs, Florida shown here by map and also with our showroom pictures. We are fully authorized by every manufacturer shown on our website to sell their products.

Internet Warranties?
The Internet Trend
How Do Manufacturers Feel About Internet Sales?
Basic Understanding Of Internet Warranties

Internet Warranties?

Unlike other actual online internet companies that sell the same types of flooring we do, we provide complete manufacturer support locally and throughout Florida if a warranty issue does indeed need to be addressed. Yes, it may say on internet websites they provide warranties.. but many have to wonder what type of warranty? Or are they actually authorized to sell the products we do?


100% Low Price Guarantee from the 100% Authorized Dealer
Largest Manufacturer's Authorized Store
All First Quality Factory Warrantied Products

The Internet Trend

Today many manufacturers are slamming the door on internet sales. Look at their websites. Most, if not all, have a disclaimer with online sales. A few have become aggressive by threatening distributors that sell to online retailers. True story! Online retailers are finding ways around the issue. Unfortunately for the unknowing consumer, if a problem occurs, they have no recourse with the manufacturer.

How Do Manufacturers Feel About Actual Internet Sales?

In earlier days most were neutral, because they didn't understand the internet. Unfortunately a few online retailers created problems manufacturers did not want to hear. Wrong product shipped, cabin or tavern grade material received... the list goes on.

I am not saying this pertains to all online retailers. Most of the shady ones have closed down which I am very thankful for. However, by dealing with an online retailer two thousand miles away, one has to think there's the possibility of problems. At we offer peace of mind with great prices, customer support, and full manufacturer warranties for buying residents throughout Florida.

Basic Understanding Of Internet Warranties

Looking closely at manufacturer notices on buying over the internet. They stipulate for any warranty to be effective, the authorized  dealer has to be present on site in case of a warranty claim. takes pride in being privileged to sell all the manufacturer products shown on our site. In case of any potential claims we will travel the state to honor our commitment to all  manufacturers we offer.


Everybody loves a great deal including myself. We know some will continue to use the internet to buy flooring. We also know some will ask if we price match online retailers, which we will not. Reasons being, we are not an online retailer and we provide more than great pricing. The internet is a great place for great prices, but how's your peace of mind?





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